Tuesday, October 24, 2006


WDEL Fascist Propaganda Machine Pimps for Republicans and Dirty Democrats

WDEL: Conflict of Interest? There is something that has been baffling me for a long time: How does radio talk show host (aka convicted felon, unregistered to vote, rumored to be a dirty New York cop and a proven liar), Gerry Fulcher, live rent free at a property owned by Jim Paoli, the Chairman of the New Castle County Democratic Party, yet actively campaign for Republican candidates? If he isn't campaigning for candidates, along with station manager Rick Jensen, he is campaigning against incumbent Democrats--except for a very few chosen friends like Loretta Walsh and Karen Peterson. Walsh and Paoli are friends; perhaps that explains the free meal ticket from Paoli.
Bottom line: What happened to fairness? If there ever was a reason to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, it would be to force these idiots (Dick and Germ) to behave with some semblance of integrity and to apply some sort of ethical boundaries to their blather. It is obvious to anyone who listens to the show that the agenda of WDEL is to get Republicans elected to office. If you are a Republican, that might be good news. But is it?Do you want to win because the people who control one branch of the local media, namely WDEL (one of Wilmington's two news radio stations), have a personal agenda and give you hours of free campaign advertising every day? Isn't that like Gary Bonds breaking Aaron's record because he had the help of the juice? Yes, he will go down in history; he might even make the Hall of Fame. But did he really do it on his own? Will he ever know for sure? Finally, his record will remain suspect in our minds forever.
We were taught as children to play fair. We were taught to play to win. We were taught to obey the rules of the game and "may the best man win." Yet is it a fair fight/campaign if your opponent gets endorsed each and every day by the local radio station? Is it fair when people call in to support your opponent they are bullied, cut off and ridiculed? Is that a fair fight? Will you always be confident that you won "fair and square?" If you don't care, then this conversation is over. But what does that say about you, a person who is expected to protect and preserve the public trust? Isn't fairness what makes our great country superior? Fairness is what separates us from the fascist propaganda-riddled elections of non-democratic nations?
I am not naive. Yes, we were also taught that life isn't always fair. But as adults, we know the rules. If we choose to break them, we must live with the moral consequences. Unfortunately, because it is public office, the rest of us have to live with them too.
P.S. At the moment, WDEL's Dick and Germ are crying foul because Sokola went after his opponent's record--his business record. The man is claiming in his campaign literature that he is a successful businessman, so all is fair. Typical Republican response--project your own divisiveness and mean spiritedness onto the other guy when the chips are down. Dick and Germ cry foul, yet they continually denigrate, lie about, and ravage their opponents on the air every day--in fact, they recently tag-teamed Sokola when he went on their show--so much so that it sounded rehearsed--which I suspect it was. Today they gave Sokola's opponent another free 30 minutes of air time to campaign.
P.P.S. Urgent note to Cathy C : Gerry F (which stands for... no, that is too easy) is bragging all over town about his recent conquest, and you are named as his prey. Eww.

Monday, October 23, 2006


All Politics is Local

Good Morning my DDs (Delaware Darlings),
Reflecting on the Tip O'Neill adage that "all politics is local," I can't help but wonder if the results of the Delaware state-wide and local races are going to be reflected nationally. If so, then the Democrats have a lock. So far, my sources tell me that polling data has local Democrats Dave Sokola, Jim Vaughn, Harris McDowell and all Democratic incumbent House races significantly ahead. Another sign is all of the negative Republican advertising that is currently raining down on our collective heads. Desperate times seem to call for desperate measures.
Goodness, you really can see someone's true colors when they are in a tight spot; it either brings out the best or worst in a person. After viewing the latest deluge of campaign literature from opponents in the above mentioned races, we are clearly seeing the worst in some of these Republican candidates and in the Republican State Committee. Beware of backlash!
Speaking of backlash, I predict Beau Biden will win (comfortably) and part of those winning numbers will be the direct result of a backlash against Wharton's (and the Republican Committee's) negative ads. We just don't respond well to that kind of stuff in Delaware. It simply isn't done that way. We have our own brand of politicking and it initiates from presenting your positives, exposing your opponent's record, and letting the voters decide. It is a simple recipe, but so many losers want to mold us into New Jersey or Pennsylvania, and guess what-- it never works. Delawareans are better than that, and election results bear out that fact each and every time someone goes overtly negative in a campaign.
Enough for now... until tomorrow DD's. And hey, learn something new today. It is good for you.
P.S. I had a great idea of what to call Beau Biden's volunteers: "Beau's Peeps!" Cool? No? Awww.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Fruit of Islam Not Needed in Delaware Voting Booth

Delaware Darlings,
I am bristling with anger today after reading an email forwarded to me about Charles Potter, his support of a Republican candidate, and his Fruit of Islam bodyguards.
Rumor has it that Potter is so bitter about losing to Harris McDowell in the 1st Senate primary race that he meets with Chambers, the Republican candidate in the 1st Senate race, and his team every Sunday night at his home--Potter's home that is! For that alone, Potter should be drummed out of the party.
Second, it turns out that on Primary Day, Potter and a number of Muslim fundamentalist extremists who call themselves the Fruit of Islam (strange name for a bunch of thugs in suits) went from polling place to polling place in an attempt to threaten or intimidate voters.
Silly, silly man. First of all, Potter claimed he needed the Fruits for security reasons. Huh? Security for a Wilmington City Councilman on Election Day? Security from what? He needed security from his own idiocy. Wilmington voters are not only going to resent such a presence, but are going to vote against Potter for even trying such stupid and hate motivated tactics.

Also, Potter should be ashamed for crossing over to support Chambers. Shame on you Potter. Shame. I hope the voters remember this and the Fruits when his council seat is up in two years. Take note Potter: Lose the Fruits in suits--they are harming your rep.

In other news, the Brady camp had a huge lit drop on Saturday, spreading their blue and gold shirted volunteers throughout the 4th District. Thus far, the race still lean and clean.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sokola Keeps the Lead in a Tough Battle

Good morning my news hungry darlings,
Yesterday was quite the day for Delaware Dems. The good news: Gerald Brady had a grand night indeed, with a large turn-out for his $100 bucks a pop fundraiser, which will further help him win that 4th District House seat.

In other news, a little roughed up, but ultimately emerging as the victor, Dave Solkola bravely faced the idiotic, bumbling fools at WDEL for what they like to call a "debate," but in reality was yet another hour-long commercial in support of their chosen Republican candidate. Sokola, Senator from the 8th District, faces a tough but winnable challenge from wealthy swimming pool shill, and two time loser Michael Ramone. I hear that at one point, Dave got raked over the coals in a mean spirited, far from subtle pile-on by those Republican hacks, Ric and Ger, who clearly back the wealthy Ramone, but Dave held his own. Thank goodness only 6 people listen to the show each day (one of whom regularly fills me in on their desperate shenanigans)--so their clumsy efforts to smear and harass a good government guy like Dave fell on deaf ears.

Sokola, running on his exemplary record, lacks his opponents unending supply of personal funds, but has the considerable advantage of having sponsored and passed numerous education bills aimed at improving Delaware schools along with many other good government legislative initiatives.

Also folks, let's face it, the bottom line is that the Democrats are in the majority in the Senate, which leaves the Republicans without power. The Republican Senate has been an impotent body for some time now, so if a district wants change, money, services, etc. it is best to put your money on the majority party. The odds of the Senate going Republican this time around are a big fat zero, so your best bet, at least in the in the Delawar Senate, is to back the Democrat.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Gerald Brady Running Strong in the 4th

Delaware Darlings,
News from the front:
My sources tell me Gerald Brady, candidate for the 4th Rep District House seat is having a big bucks ($100) fundraiser tonight at Catherine Rooney's which promises to bring out the all the big boyz and girlz in Democratic politics. If you can scrape up the dough, dust off the jacket and tie (or dress) and stop by the Irish watering hole; it will be worth attending just to see all of the players in one room together. Can you feel the love?
Rumor has it Brady is running strong for the seat after a three-week fast-paced primary with at-large Councilwoman Loretta Walsh. From where I sat, the primary was clean on the Brady end with him running on his 10 year Wilmington City Council record and his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Walsh had heavy union support, but couldn't pull it off in the end.
That behind us, we wonder if Walsh will make an appearance at tonight's bash. Her support would aid the Brady camp; unfortunately Democrats have been know to devour their young. I am sure there are many who say : "let the healing begin."
All eyes are on this race, with pundits predicting a Brady victory in November.

Monday, October 09, 2006


WDEL A Joke--a bad joke

Good evening my darlings, Delaware Politic-Chick reporting for duty. Tonight's flavor, the smelly, smarmy, crap-comedy due of WDEL, Ric and Ger.
They fancy themselves political insiders, and try to present that image to the 6 people a day who listen to their show, but WDEL's Ric and Ger are political losers who are so ill informed they have to lie to get attention.

Ger, a convicted felon and, rumor has it, once dirty New York cop (retired or fired?), is supposed to be the "Democrat" and Rick, a staunch Republican, who once had the show to himself (what happened there?), plays the conservative end. However, old Ger, is really an ill informed, lech (more about his hitting --and missing-- on local females later) gets his information from a few disgruntled losers who have a personal ax to grind--or he simply creates political items from his feeble little mind.

Both men are in serious danger of violation of FCC laws regarding equal time for political candidates, because their show, in actuality, is a two hour campaign ad for whomever they happen to support. I caution you not to tune in (don't say you weren't warned my darlings), it is the most boring, self aggrandizing, ill informed, desperate show on Delaware radio. I briefly tuned in during the primaries because I was told of their possible FCC violations and wanted to hear for myself. What I heard made me laugh. Some loser (she sounds drunk to me) named Liz calls in and rants about conspiracies, a few obviously unemployed (and unemployable if you ask me) angry men, and...that's about it. Whew, what a couple of losers. And mean losers at that. Because no one in the Democratic party will share information with him, old Ger attacks whoever is in disfavor with his latest political heartthrob. He gives political ads to his favorite ladies whenever he can squeeze in a plug: Loretta Walsh, Karen Peterson, Cathy Cloutier (whom I heard he is trying to date--to no avail--eek! Cathy beware!) and like their knight in shining armor, he lies and fabricates charges against their enemies to slavishly garner favor from these gals.

No one in the Delaware Democratic Party will talk to him. No one. Believe me. He is a pariah and dismissed as a loser from the leaders at the top to the envelope stuffers (bless their hearts) at the bottom.

So, if you want the scoop, check in with me. I have plenty and I can't wait to share! Good night my darlings and sweet dreams.

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