Monday, October 23, 2006


All Politics is Local

Good Morning my DDs (Delaware Darlings),
Reflecting on the Tip O'Neill adage that "all politics is local," I can't help but wonder if the results of the Delaware state-wide and local races are going to be reflected nationally. If so, then the Democrats have a lock. So far, my sources tell me that polling data has local Democrats Dave Sokola, Jim Vaughn, Harris McDowell and all Democratic incumbent House races significantly ahead. Another sign is all of the negative Republican advertising that is currently raining down on our collective heads. Desperate times seem to call for desperate measures.
Goodness, you really can see someone's true colors when they are in a tight spot; it either brings out the best or worst in a person. After viewing the latest deluge of campaign literature from opponents in the above mentioned races, we are clearly seeing the worst in some of these Republican candidates and in the Republican State Committee. Beware of backlash!
Speaking of backlash, I predict Beau Biden will win (comfortably) and part of those winning numbers will be the direct result of a backlash against Wharton's (and the Republican Committee's) negative ads. We just don't respond well to that kind of stuff in Delaware. It simply isn't done that way. We have our own brand of politicking and it initiates from presenting your positives, exposing your opponent's record, and letting the voters decide. It is a simple recipe, but so many losers want to mold us into New Jersey or Pennsylvania, and guess what-- it never works. Delawareans are better than that, and election results bear out that fact each and every time someone goes overtly negative in a campaign.
Enough for now... until tomorrow DD's. And hey, learn something new today. It is good for you.
P.S. I had a great idea of what to call Beau Biden's volunteers: "Beau's Peeps!" Cool? No? Awww.

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