Monday, October 16, 2006


Fruit of Islam Not Needed in Delaware Voting Booth

Delaware Darlings,
I am bristling with anger today after reading an email forwarded to me about Charles Potter, his support of a Republican candidate, and his Fruit of Islam bodyguards.
Rumor has it that Potter is so bitter about losing to Harris McDowell in the 1st Senate primary race that he meets with Chambers, the Republican candidate in the 1st Senate race, and his team every Sunday night at his home--Potter's home that is! For that alone, Potter should be drummed out of the party.
Second, it turns out that on Primary Day, Potter and a number of Muslim fundamentalist extremists who call themselves the Fruit of Islam (strange name for a bunch of thugs in suits) went from polling place to polling place in an attempt to threaten or intimidate voters.
Silly, silly man. First of all, Potter claimed he needed the Fruits for security reasons. Huh? Security for a Wilmington City Councilman on Election Day? Security from what? He needed security from his own idiocy. Wilmington voters are not only going to resent such a presence, but are going to vote against Potter for even trying such stupid and hate motivated tactics.

Also, Potter should be ashamed for crossing over to support Chambers. Shame on you Potter. Shame. I hope the voters remember this and the Fruits when his council seat is up in two years. Take note Potter: Lose the Fruits in suits--they are harming your rep.

In other news, the Brady camp had a huge lit drop on Saturday, spreading their blue and gold shirted volunteers throughout the 4th District. Thus far, the race still lean and clean.

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