Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Gerald Brady Running Strong in the 4th

Delaware Darlings,
News from the front:
My sources tell me Gerald Brady, candidate for the 4th Rep District House seat is having a big bucks ($100) fundraiser tonight at Catherine Rooney's which promises to bring out the all the big boyz and girlz in Democratic politics. If you can scrape up the dough, dust off the jacket and tie (or dress) and stop by the Irish watering hole; it will be worth attending just to see all of the players in one room together. Can you feel the love?
Rumor has it Brady is running strong for the seat after a three-week fast-paced primary with at-large Councilwoman Loretta Walsh. From where I sat, the primary was clean on the Brady end with him running on his 10 year Wilmington City Council record and his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Walsh had heavy union support, but couldn't pull it off in the end.
That behind us, we wonder if Walsh will make an appearance at tonight's bash. Her support would aid the Brady camp; unfortunately Democrats have been know to devour their young. I am sure there are many who say : "let the healing begin."
All eyes are on this race, with pundits predicting a Brady victory in November.

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