Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sokola Keeps the Lead in a Tough Battle

Good morning my news hungry darlings,
Yesterday was quite the day for Delaware Dems. The good news: Gerald Brady had a grand night indeed, with a large turn-out for his $100 bucks a pop fundraiser, which will further help him win that 4th District House seat.

In other news, a little roughed up, but ultimately emerging as the victor, Dave Solkola bravely faced the idiotic, bumbling fools at WDEL for what they like to call a "debate," but in reality was yet another hour-long commercial in support of their chosen Republican candidate. Sokola, Senator from the 8th District, faces a tough but winnable challenge from wealthy swimming pool shill, and two time loser Michael Ramone. I hear that at one point, Dave got raked over the coals in a mean spirited, far from subtle pile-on by those Republican hacks, Ric and Ger, who clearly back the wealthy Ramone, but Dave held his own. Thank goodness only 6 people listen to the show each day (one of whom regularly fills me in on their desperate shenanigans)--so their clumsy efforts to smear and harass a good government guy like Dave fell on deaf ears.

Sokola, running on his exemplary record, lacks his opponents unending supply of personal funds, but has the considerable advantage of having sponsored and passed numerous education bills aimed at improving Delaware schools along with many other good government legislative initiatives.

Also folks, let's face it, the bottom line is that the Democrats are in the majority in the Senate, which leaves the Republicans without power. The Republican Senate has been an impotent body for some time now, so if a district wants change, money, services, etc. it is best to put your money on the majority party. The odds of the Senate going Republican this time around are a big fat zero, so your best bet, at least in the in the Delawar Senate, is to back the Democrat.

Hey calling all Independents!!!

This could be your year for taking positions in the House and Senate, with all the Bull "Delawareans are ready for something new"

Come on Please Take a Chance!!!!
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