Tuesday, October 24, 2006


WDEL Fascist Propaganda Machine Pimps for Republicans and Dirty Democrats

WDEL: Conflict of Interest? There is something that has been baffling me for a long time: How does radio talk show host (aka convicted felon, unregistered to vote, rumored to be a dirty New York cop and a proven liar), Gerry Fulcher, live rent free at a property owned by Jim Paoli, the Chairman of the New Castle County Democratic Party, yet actively campaign for Republican candidates? If he isn't campaigning for candidates, along with station manager Rick Jensen, he is campaigning against incumbent Democrats--except for a very few chosen friends like Loretta Walsh and Karen Peterson. Walsh and Paoli are friends; perhaps that explains the free meal ticket from Paoli.
Bottom line: What happened to fairness? If there ever was a reason to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, it would be to force these idiots (Dick and Germ) to behave with some semblance of integrity and to apply some sort of ethical boundaries to their blather. It is obvious to anyone who listens to the show that the agenda of WDEL is to get Republicans elected to office. If you are a Republican, that might be good news. But is it?Do you want to win because the people who control one branch of the local media, namely WDEL (one of Wilmington's two news radio stations), have a personal agenda and give you hours of free campaign advertising every day? Isn't that like Gary Bonds breaking Aaron's record because he had the help of the juice? Yes, he will go down in history; he might even make the Hall of Fame. But did he really do it on his own? Will he ever know for sure? Finally, his record will remain suspect in our minds forever.
We were taught as children to play fair. We were taught to play to win. We were taught to obey the rules of the game and "may the best man win." Yet is it a fair fight/campaign if your opponent gets endorsed each and every day by the local radio station? Is it fair when people call in to support your opponent they are bullied, cut off and ridiculed? Is that a fair fight? Will you always be confident that you won "fair and square?" If you don't care, then this conversation is over. But what does that say about you, a person who is expected to protect and preserve the public trust? Isn't fairness what makes our great country superior? Fairness is what separates us from the fascist propaganda-riddled elections of non-democratic nations?
I am not naive. Yes, we were also taught that life isn't always fair. But as adults, we know the rules. If we choose to break them, we must live with the moral consequences. Unfortunately, because it is public office, the rest of us have to live with them too.
P.S. At the moment, WDEL's Dick and Germ are crying foul because Sokola went after his opponent's record--his business record. The man is claiming in his campaign literature that he is a successful businessman, so all is fair. Typical Republican response--project your own divisiveness and mean spiritedness onto the other guy when the chips are down. Dick and Germ cry foul, yet they continually denigrate, lie about, and ravage their opponents on the air every day--in fact, they recently tag-teamed Sokola when he went on their show--so much so that it sounded rehearsed--which I suspect it was. Today they gave Sokola's opponent another free 30 minutes of air time to campaign.
P.P.S. Urgent note to Cathy C : Gerry F (which stands for... no, that is too easy) is bragging all over town about his recent conquest, and you are named as his prey. Eww.

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