Monday, October 09, 2006


WDEL A Joke--a bad joke

Good evening my darlings, Delaware Politic-Chick reporting for duty. Tonight's flavor, the smelly, smarmy, crap-comedy due of WDEL, Ric and Ger.
They fancy themselves political insiders, and try to present that image to the 6 people a day who listen to their show, but WDEL's Ric and Ger are political losers who are so ill informed they have to lie to get attention.

Ger, a convicted felon and, rumor has it, once dirty New York cop (retired or fired?), is supposed to be the "Democrat" and Rick, a staunch Republican, who once had the show to himself (what happened there?), plays the conservative end. However, old Ger, is really an ill informed, lech (more about his hitting --and missing-- on local females later) gets his information from a few disgruntled losers who have a personal ax to grind--or he simply creates political items from his feeble little mind.

Both men are in serious danger of violation of FCC laws regarding equal time for political candidates, because their show, in actuality, is a two hour campaign ad for whomever they happen to support. I caution you not to tune in (don't say you weren't warned my darlings), it is the most boring, self aggrandizing, ill informed, desperate show on Delaware radio. I briefly tuned in during the primaries because I was told of their possible FCC violations and wanted to hear for myself. What I heard made me laugh. Some loser (she sounds drunk to me) named Liz calls in and rants about conspiracies, a few obviously unemployed (and unemployable if you ask me) angry men, and...that's about it. Whew, what a couple of losers. And mean losers at that. Because no one in the Democratic party will share information with him, old Ger attacks whoever is in disfavor with his latest political heartthrob. He gives political ads to his favorite ladies whenever he can squeeze in a plug: Loretta Walsh, Karen Peterson, Cathy Cloutier (whom I heard he is trying to date--to no avail--eek! Cathy beware!) and like their knight in shining armor, he lies and fabricates charges against their enemies to slavishly garner favor from these gals.

No one in the Delaware Democratic Party will talk to him. No one. Believe me. He is a pariah and dismissed as a loser from the leaders at the top to the envelope stuffers (bless their hearts) at the bottom.

So, if you want the scoop, check in with me. I have plenty and I can't wait to share! Good night my darlings and sweet dreams.

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