Friday, November 10, 2006


Republicans: No Humility

Delaware Darlings! How I've missed you...
Check this out, I have been listening to all of the right-wing talk show hosts since the election waiting for them to eat crow. It's our right. You know, like in sports after a team loses you walk the line and give high fives to the other players while reciting "good game, good game."
I have been waiting for them to admit they were wrong, wrong, wrong. I now realize it ain't gonna happen. I am hearing bitterness, excuses, and locally (WDEL) with Dick and Germ, pathetic statistics. We all know that if the Dems lost like this, they would acknowlege defeat, wish their opponents the best, and talk about setting a new agenda--which is what they did two years ago.
What do I hear from Hannity, Limbaugh (who cost the R's Missouri) and Dick and Germ: new attacks on Democrats and excuses. They honestly don't have a clue as to what the American people want. They don't have their daily Republican talking points and they are lost! Absolutely clueless! I must say, DDs, I am lovin' it :)
Please remember, it is going to take some time to clean up the mess this Bush admistration has created. The environment is in deep peril, the government is bankrupt, and the rich are getting richer. I hope the American people give us a chance and give us the time we need to make things right. Fair and right.
Love you DDs,'

Anybody who sees through Fulcher's BS is okay in my book.

I linked to this.
I can't imagine any excuse WDEL and Rick have for keeping Gerry Fulcher.
Please read comment I copied from a WDEL post to Allen Ludell's blog, From Paul Falkowski

Comment is in previous blog:
WDEL Idiots must go.. Nov 8, 2006
What about Ron Paul, he is a breath of fresh air amongst the GOP candidates.
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