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Dick and Germ, the two idiots that fancy themselves political operatives on WDEL have finally gone down. Every candidate they campaigned hard for, (and believe me they campaigned hard) lost and lost big. As for Fulcher, he is NOT a Democrat as they claim. He is not a registered voter. He admitted to not voting since the 1970's. He is also a convicted felon. He claims his felony was a bad check. If that is true, then he is eligible to vote according to Delaware law, but he still isn't, what is the felony?
Don't believe that Gerry Fulcher represents Democracts. He is not an insider, no one in the party worth their salt shares any information with him. He is completely illinformed and ignorant.
Today he is a bitter, nasty, ignorant man (true colors) who won't admit that he has no power and no effect on the good folks in Delaware. I guess Cathy Cloutier shot him down last night too.
Let's boycott WDEL and get these idiots off the radio. Rick Jenson is the program manager, Gerry Fulcher is rumored to be a dirty New York cop who, God knows why, managed to get a spot on the show.
They are so ill informed and basically parrot Republican talking points every day. There is no balance, no fairness. They are most likely violating FCC law regulating electioneering because they obviously campaign for their chosen candidates, yet don't give equal time to the opponents.
But now that I think about it... almost everyone they champion and almost everyone who has appeared on their show lost yesterday! Maybe we do want to keep them around just for that reason :) Go on their show and you are guaranteed to lose!
It is a great day for Democrats!

From WDEL post in Allan Ludell blog.

Re: Post-Election Thoughts: Reflections on the role of Talk Radio
I am open for discussion. I'll reluctantly agree to exhibit 'A'. Discussion should result in altering a person's opinion. Thanks.
What will not change is requesting politeness and respect. For example from the Rick and Gerry show.

This past week there was discussion about the appropriate 'use of force' for police officers.

When Gerry proudly recounts his experience about moving a dead body and filing a false police report what is he saying about his own honesty and respect for the law?
On Thursday or Friday he talked about pedophile priests. He bragged about applying 'street justice' such that the pedophile would not be able to use his tool for a few weeks. Is that proper police behavior? Gerry wants to pass judgement on Wilmington Police behavior?

When Gerry brags about not being a dirty old man, but being an old man chased by dirty young women, what direction does his moral compass point?

Unfortunately, the mindset I can't change is the one in favor of "shock radio". Thanks for letting me try.

Notorious, Yes. But what right does he have to criticize others?

WDEL is responsible for his comments as long as you keep him on, and as long as you pay him. WDEL condones his behavior as a matter of business and ratings.

11/18/2006 by Paul Falkowski
Well, you got half of your wish; Gerry Fulcher is finally off the air. I’m glad to hear the news.

I‘ll never forget Gerry Fulcher’s Oprah appearance. It was in the early nineties. At the top of the show, he sat with a paper bag over his head, trying to make some inane point. He interrupted other guests to rant and rave. When Oprah called him out on his adolescent behavior, Gerry excused himself by claiming that, after twenty some-odd years of recovery, he was still “sick and suffering”.

Apparently Oprah was under the impression that Gerry had a book out. That was when Gerry said he actually hadn’t published it yet, and, chuckling, suggested that perhaps one of the viewers would be willing to finance the project.

When the time came to take calls, the first caller was a man who called Gerry out on a bad debt. Gerry went berserk, jerking about in his chair and turning red. He flailed his arms and looked about for the monitor the voice was coming from, as if he would attack the loudspeaker itself. The show went to break.

When the show returned, Oprah apologized and quite pointedly told her viewers NOT to send money to anyone who solicited on her show. It was priceless.
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